Apollo Bay Harbour Expression of Interest Process – Project Control Group

March 1, 2016

The need for an indoor pool is currently highlighted by the state and temperature of our 23 year-old outdoor pool at the school. Let’s teach our kids to swim in warm water to gain confidence to become strong ocean swimmers.
We are currently awaiting the formation of the Project Control Group (PCG) to oversee the Expression of Interest process inviting the private sector to propose development plans for the Apollo Bay Harbour. In so doing, the Council is testing the financial viability of an indoor aquatic centre as part of this development.
We have definitely made considerable progress as a lobby group to have elevated the discussion to this point. It is our hope that our group will be represented on this PCG to follow the process through. This is our big chance to achieve an indoor heated pool for our community and beyond. Let’s all get behind it as a community and hope there is interest from the private sector to make it a reality.