The latest news on our progress

July 20, 2014

A proposal for the inclusion of an indoor pool/sea baths as part of a Harbour re-development was presented to Council in March 2014. The Recreation and Community Hub proposal, including a range of facilities to benefit community groups and support tourism, is far more likely to attract support from Tourism Victoria and Regional Development Victoria and is supported by a wide range of organisations representing the Apollo Bay community.
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After a concerted community effort, Council confirmed its support. ‘Council confirms it supports provision being made within the Special Use Zone (Schedule 2) for a permit application to be made for an indoor swimming pool/sea baths and other health and wellbeing uses, and that provision be made for the potential for such facilities to be included within any Development Plan prepared for the Harbour precinct under those controls.’ (excerpt from Council minutes, 23 April 2014) Planning Panels Victoria conducted a Directions Hearing in Apollo Bay on 26 May, regarding the process the Council should follow given the objections submitted to the Planning Scheme Amendment (PSA) of the Harbour Master Plan. The Council plans to make changes to the PSA, conduct a community forum and exhibit the revised document for public comment.